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Steve Bačić
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Crogate: Hello Steve!
Steve: Hi guys!

Crogate: How was your experience with the Andromeda cast? Which member of the cast was the most fun on the set?
Steve: They were great, it wasn't like going to work. I'd say it was a toss up
between Kevin and Gordon for most fun, but Gordon was usually picking on me, I let him.

Crogate: Any special or funny moments that you will always remember?
Steve: Doing a shot of tequila with Kevin, before the last scene of the show.

Crogate: Any special friendships?
Steve: Kevin and I have become friends I actually see him most and it's usually at conventions.

Crogate: Did you like your role, especially in later seasons?
Steve: Yeah I'd say the first half of season 5 was my favourite.

Crogate: What's your opinion about the show?
Steve: Andromeda should have gone on and there should have been movies made, but unfortunately the powers weren't of the same vision...

Crogate: Who's more easy to get along with, Laura Bertram or Lexa Doig?
Steve: Are you trying to get me in trouble? Ha, they were both a lot of fun and
neither of them was any trouble. As a bonus they were both very good
dancer's, that's what I miss the most.

Crogate: We know that you can speak Croatian (from your site's Admin), but
besides being born there, have you visited Croatia recently? If not, do
you intend to?

Steve: No I haven't visited since we left in '67, I would love to visit, but it's getting harder and harder, because of family and work commitments. It
would be great if I got cast in a film that was shot there.

Crogate: Is there a chance that you will appear on StarGate again?
Steve: No.

Crogate: Star Trek or Star Wars? Why?
Steve: Star Trek, Captain Kirk!

Crogate: How was your experience with the Stargate cast? Who was the most fun?
Steve: I knew a lot of them from before so it was like visiting with old friends. Richard was quite funny, a nice man.

Crogate: Are you a regular watcher of SG-1 or Atlantis?
Steve: I don't watch much TV so no, don't watch it sorry. More of a movie guy or documentaries...

Crogate: Have you ever auditioned (or would you like to audition) for a role in any of the other popular science fiction shows, such as Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica? Or Stargate: Atlantis, for that matter?
Steve: Yes I'd love to work on Battlestar Galactica, I really like the style of the show, although I've only watched small portions of it, but I have read some of their scripts and they're good.

Crogate: Do you maybe have some other secret favorite?
Steve: I actually enjoyed Invasion very much.

Crogate: Thank you from bottom of our hearts.
Steve: The pleasure is all mine.